The Journal of Fantastic Linguistics 1

The first issue of The Journal of Fantastic Linguistics, a Zine full of different columns and articles presenting different aspects of languages and linguistics, and how you can incorporate them into your game.

In this issue you will find:

  • Accents 101: Phonetics – A guide to using sounds and simple sound changes to customize accents.
  • Anatomy of Accents: Lizardfolk and Dragonborn – An article covering how a species’ physiology will affect the way it speaks, in this case, those races with reptlilian aligator-shapes heads.
  • Lost in Translation: Religion – A few plot hooks that stem from difficulties, misscommunications, and other nuances of language. In this issue, centered around religion.
  • Language Quirks: Tail-head Linkage – Exploring the wierder behaviours of real world languages, and how you can incorporate them as unique speech patterns for characters and cultures in your games.
  • Creature Communication: Tongue Twister – A system-less profile of a monster or creature that affects. or is affected by, language. In this issue the Tongue Twister, an insideous parasite that twists its victims words.

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