The Serpentine Path

Gellan Primewater feels his enterprise may be in danger. He has sent his eldest daughter to investigate.

A local official has found a message in a wine bottle, a plea for help. Worried about affairs at the winery he wants the party to investigate and make sure nothing there is threatening.

This adventure is presented as APL 8 (adjustable) and is intended to fill a level gap left in the Ghosts of Saltmarsh hardcover book. It ties into several items found at the Haunted Houes and on the Sea Ghost and extends the lore of the area.  This adventure takes 4 to 8 hours to play through.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Maps: Eight maps depicting different areas of the island and the large Priory of the Preeminent.  There is also a map of the Empty Net in Saltmarsh.
  • Ship: Stat block for a new ship called a Cargo Schooner.
  • Creatures: Ten new creature statblocks.
  • Magic items: Eight new magic items, including the royal navy multi-tool.

This adventure helps build upon the fantastic area Ghosts of Saltmarsh has created and strengthens a campaign using that book, though it can be run as a one-shot as well.

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Tendrils of Saltmarsh

Tendrils of Saltmarsh is a trilogy of adventures design to help fill in the level gaps left in the Ghosts of Saltmarsh books.  They can be run individually or together. You need not utilize the entire trilogy for the adventure’s premises to unfold.

Part 1: Sigurd’s Island. This first adventure is APL 6 designed to be run before chapter 6. Part 2: The Serpentine Path. The second adventure is APL 8 designed to be run before chapter 7. Part 3: Pinnacle of Power. This final adventure of the trilogy is APL 10 and designed to be run before chapter 8. [Due out Summer 2021]
Sigurd's Island Coming Soon  Coming Soon

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