DM DONE EASY: Fantasy Cuisine w/ FREE Excel Menu Maker

The guide provides DMs with an easy way to add world-building depth to their campaign – through food! An assortment of meals and beverages have been provided for each of the races found in the 5e Player’s Handbook, each with a unique cultural spin. Each of the items contained within is briefly described. Also included are FULL RULES ON DRINKING AND INEBRIATION!

Here are a few menu examples:

Metal Heart (Dwarven)

1 sp/1 AP per drop, 15% ABV

Notes of vanilla twirl around tart fruit flavors in this full-bodied crag fruit wine. Fermented in a vat containing a chunk of adamantine. While not unconventional to drink casually, this beverage is almost always consumed in social gatherings before large-scale battles.  

Bone Warmth (Tiefling)

2 cp

animal bone marrow, vegetables, and rice in a sauce spiced with turmeric, cumin, coriander, ginger, and chili. 

Honey Cake (V) (Orcish)

2 cp

honey, vanilla, and almonds baked into a sweet bread. Only eaten by orcs during moments of celebration (halflings, however, tend to have a fondness for it and will eat it whenever possible). 

Contained in this manual are 24 desserts, 24 breakfasts, 51 lunch/dinners, 42 non-alcoholic drinks, 20 beers, 16 liquors, 24 wines, and a variety of sides. Most of these are geared towards the “major” races – humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, gnomes, and meals common between them – but orcs, tieflings, and dragonborn each have at least one item per type. Each of the races have a unique focus for their food and/or drink – i.e. gnomes love coffee for energy and finger foods so that they can work and eat at the same time!

Included FREE is an EXCEL menu generator that allows you to randomly generate customized menus (pick from full, partial, or none for each race). EXCEL is recommended for this (it doesn’t display properly on Google Sheets, don’t know about other programs). 

This product is priced at $9.99


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