Scroll Heart Tower

The grand artificer Mibla has been missing for over a hundred days, and more importantly her shop has been closed. Whether to investigate, trade, or loot, our heroes have come to Mibla’s front door. The shop won’t give up its secrets easily though, and the countermeasures the gnomish artificer left in place make things especially tricky. Can they unravel the mystery, or will the constructs within tear them apart?

This is a simple adventure that can easily be dropped into any campaign with minimal preparation. It’s assumed that it takes place in a major city with nobles and magic items to buy, but the meat of the adventure can easily be transferred to any doorway in the world without those trappings.

Within the adventure you’ll find:

  • Battlemaps for Mibla’s magic item shop and the Scroll Heart Tower, ready to drop into your favorite online tabletop application or just to use for reference.
  • Plenty of opportunities to use skills. Trick a citizen into thinking your lock picking is perfectly legal! Secure treasure with a set of tinker’s tools! Run up the side of a falling building!
  • Three new construct monsters: Scroll Heart Servants, Scroll Heart Slicers, and Scroll Heart Guardians. Instructions are included for how to tinker with their unique traits.
  • A new magic item: The Heart Seeker Rapier.
  • Suggestions for how to smoothly integrate the adventure into your campaign and tie it back into the larger story. This includes direction on how to magically drop a building on an army.

This product is priced at $1.00


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