Strange Lineages: 4 Weird Ways to Walk the World

Everyone has the capacity for transformation, whether it’s a benign change like cutting your hair or a fantastical one like becoming a vampire. Many of these changes are beneficial, granting you new abilities that can help in the face of adversity; some are more akin to curses, weighing you down on your hardest days and longest nights. No matter the particular change, every adventurer knows there’s a chance that one day, they’ll wake up and everything will be different.

Lineages, introduced in Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, are an excellent tool to represent a lifechanging event in an adventurer’s story, be it the backstory or in play. This product presents four new lineage options for your adventurers:

  • DRAGON. You are a dragon that flits between your humanoid and draconic forms with ease and grace.
  • FIEND. Through a bargain or a malevolent life, you have become a fiendish denizen of the Lower Planes.
  • LYCANTHROPE. A beast is contained within you, and sometimes it takes control of you, transforming you.
  • PARASITE. This body is not your own, and neither will it be your last. You are an outsider that possesses hosts to survive.

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