DMDave just shared: “Past Overlooked | New Fifth Edition Adventure for 1st-3rd-Level (Courtesy of Spellarena & Never Ending Dungeon Kickstarter)”

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Hey all! We’re stoked to bring you a new free adventure courtesy of Spellarena, the folks responsible for the currently running Kickstarter, Never Ending Dungeon.

The Adventure

Past Overlooked is a short D&D scenario for level 1-3 PCs. In the adventure, the heroes investigate the town’s not-so-glorious past, track the evil priest to his lair and battle tentacled monstrosities. 

It should take your group 2-3 hours to complete. To make the adventure easier to adapt to your setting, general terms are used for some places or names of deities. Just insert the name that’s valid in your campaign and have fun! 

The text is split into several scenes, but apart from the opening, they can be played in any order, depending on your players’ actions and ideas. As always when running a premade adventure, be open to your player ideas and use this text as an inspiration!


A few hundred years ago the dreaded pirate captain Bloodcarver raided a temple of a Sea Goddess. Among the things he looted were the Bracers of the Octopus, a magic item allowing the wearer to summon and control sahuagins and particularly large giant octopi.

With the help of such mighty beasts and some creativity, the pirate amassed a fortune and then settled down. Soon, he established a village, which later grew into a wealthy town named Overlook. Its citizens enjoy the settlement’s wealth and no-one has ever inquired about the murky past.

However, although slow to react, the Goddess of the plundered temple remembered. Her priest, a triton named Quban arrives at Overlook, finds the Bracers and with the help of monsters sinks a few ships.

News spread and traders begin to avoid the “cursed” city. Concerned, the Town Council declares that anyone who can kill the “kraken” and help Overlook shall receive great treasures!

Meanwhile, Quban settles in an old lighthouse near the town and keeps summoning octopi, which now infest the nearby waters and attack all boats and ships. Including the one bringing the party to Overlook!

The Kickstarter

Never Ending Dungeon is a hybrid tool (printed maps and software) for creating adventures  for both players and Game Masters. You can start the fun by using the adventures you find in the app, or you can create infinite number by your own.

Never Ending Dungeon allows you to play with pre-made maps and scenarios or create your own vast maps containing hundreds of traps, monsters, or treasures. You can play in the same room (good, old times!) with your friends using printed maps or export to your favorite virtal tabletop software (like Foundry VTT or Roll20) and play remotely.

More importantly – everything you create is saved and available on the spot. You don’t have to spend hours drawing maps or creating monsters or NPC stats! If you wish, you can also can play without a Game Master in “solo” mode by developing your character and advancing to higher levels.

Check out the campaign now! 


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