LOWBORN: Zweihander RPG Fanzine 6


Lowborn Issue 6

Do you need more peril in your life?

Parts Per MillionLowborn is the quarterly Zweihänder fanzine. Issue Six contains a bumper crop of adventures alongside articles… and don’t forget those two orx!

This issue offers:

⇝Adventure 1 – Caves of Flame
⇝Adventure 2 – Doom-Dealer’s Party
⇝Easy Campaigns – For the Company
⇝Perilous Tactics: High-Flying Harpies
⇝New Monster-  Glass Golem

Lowborn is written by fans for fans. It is published quarterly and anyone may contribute. If you would like to submit something you will get paid on a profit share basis. If you want to find out more, join the Grim & Perilous Studios discord and ask any Librarian.

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