40×30 Battlemap – Alchemist’s Greenhouse Laboratory

Alchemist’s Greenhouse Laboratory

Located within the heart of a city, this alchemist’s greenhouse laboratory grows luscious plants within. Tall, spiked fences surround it, protecting its valuable contents from trespassers. Alchemical preparation tables stand laden in the greenhouse, while storage barrels and bottles of potions wait further in. 
Yet another room is solely dedicated to refined powers from the plants, with many crates and bowls filled with the precious substance. A river runs past the greenhouse, while a small pond further in the complex grows water plants. There are storage rooms, three bedrooms, two living areas and an office.

Adventure Seed

The new owners of this building have hired you to remove the dangerous plants within by whatever means necessary. The last owner was a master alchemist and since he died no-one can enter safely. 
When you arrive a thin man with spectacles is trying to climb the fence. He falls upon noticing you but declares that he wasn’t trying to sneak in. Then he sighs and admits that he used to be the old alchemist’s assistant. He hasn’t been allowed inside since the man passed, but after he learned the new owners want the plants destroyed he’s determined to save one of each species. 
WHAT’S HAPPENING? The assistant was only allowed to help prepare the potions, and needs his master’s diary to learn how to safely repot the plants. If you help, he’ll give you free potions every blue moon at his shop. The more plants you save, the more different potions he can make. 
The diary is located in his master’s office and explains how to handle five of the plant species. The first has prickly yellow-red flowers and needs to be sung to sleep with orcish throat chanting before it can be repotted. If you fail, it and the others of its species will emit a dangerous high-pitched screech. 
The second is a green, leafy vine with small yellow blossoms. To replant it, you need to assert your dominance by winning a wrestling match with it. If you succeed, it will allow you—and only you—to handle and repot it. If you fail, the vines will attempt to strangle you to death. 
The third is located in the pond. It is capable of walking from swamp to swamp, and thus can repot itself—but you’ll need to talk to it seductively to convince it to move. If you fail, it and its sister plants will shoot seeds at you which will embed themselves and cause an itchy rash. 
The fourth is a small tree with pods of large, red seeds. It can’t be moved without dying, but you can take its seeds by dealing precise fire damage. This causes them to open up into small sprite-shapes with cries of “yippee,” “yay,” and “wooo” as they spiral down to plant themselves in nearby soil. However, if you use too much fire the tree will explode and shoot shrapnel from the pods. 
The last plant has a large blue flower and needs to be scared enough to faint, but is only afraid of Lizardfolk. The alchemist left a mask of one in the storage shed, which you can wear before surprising it. If you fail, the plant will emit pollen causing uncontrollable, painfully breathtaking laughter. 

What You Will Receive

A home-printable 40×30 battlemap, compatible with any role-play game, and VTTs such as Roll20.

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