At the Heart of Corruption


Bring a party of adventurers to a bustling city, where mysteries and dangers lurk around every turn. Just when you think you have the answers, a whole set of new questions arise.  No matter which leads you follow, you will find yourselves…

At the Heart of Corruption – a one-shot muder mystery adventure.

Designed for three to six level 2 characters.

About this Adventure

Your party will visit Rosszellem, a medium-sized city in the Forgotten Realms, but one that could fit in any general setting.  Players will be introduced to the mystery and intrigue of a town experiencing strange, violent occurences, even amidst the most prominent citizens.  Can your party solve the mysteries, save the innocent, and survive what they discover?

Content & Tone

Note, content includes reference to Murder, Demonic Possession, Cult Activity & Human Sacrifice. Though the story could be considered fantasy horror within a murder mystery, the grisly elements have been spared, and it leaves open the chance to theme your session as a campy, ‘B-horror’ adventure or a gruesome dark mystery, or anything in between, as suits your party.

This 14 page, full-color book includes

  • A full map of the primary setting and key locations

  • Numerous adventure hooks to begin the adventure or tie into an existing campaign

  • Dungeon Master’s combat encounter notes for scaling difficulty

  • Stat blocks for included and original NPCs and Creatures

  • Original magical items to be collected

  • Multiple possible endings (Happy, Melancholy, Twist, Cliffhanger)

  • An additional text-only document for accessibility programs and friendly printing

A humanoid-shaped creature, covered in natural carapace armor, odd appendages growing from its skull, and vibrant colored skin, hunches in a swirling mist readying for attack.