Mindphlayers & Metaphysicians – 2nd Edition

Mindphlayers & Metaphysicians – 2nd Edition is a guide for adventures using the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons in which the player characters explore ruins of ancient civilizations, sneak into secret libraries of powerful empires and even enter portals to other planes of existence, seeking not (only) power and wealth, but (also) knowledge and wisdom.

In Mindphlayers & Metaphysicians – 2nd Edition, players and DMs find everything that is necessary to create philosopher characters and philosophical adventures:

• Tips on how to add philosophical themes to D&D campaigns;
• Details about philosophers of all races, classes, and backgrounds;
• Rules for philosophizing and for the applications of philosophy;
• Descriptions of the interactions between magic and philosophy;
• New magic items, including the True Philosopher’s Stone;
• Descriptions of monstrous philosophers, including new monsters;
• Philosopher NPCs and details about the enemies of philosophy;
• Descriptions of the schools and philosophers of Theros.

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