The Hag of Moorland Hill

“The Hag of Moorland Hill” is designed for D&D 5e Tier 2 players. Specifically, as written, it would be a challenge for a level 5-6 party of four players. It’s written with an experienced Dungeon Master in mind, as the villains are numerous and have multiple strategies for ending the party. The files include an all-text screen-reader draft.

Bogumir, a kobold shepherd, needs the party’s help to break the curse placed on him by the evil green hag, Nareena Wormwiggle, who lives on the hill beyond his farm. However, Nareena is not without resources of her own. She has three lines of defense: a pack of velociraptors and their redcap caretakers, a coterie of harpies, and a pair of ogres. In addition to these minions, Nareena has a collection of magical items she can use in her own defense, including a Wand of True Polymorph that can turn any humanoid into a beast – permanently.

It will take all the party’s strength, cunning, and will to defeat the hag of Moorland Hill.

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