100 Notes and Letters to Find on Urth III

Characters will often encounter pieces of paper when searching places and people. Often, these may be important, but important writings shouldn’t be the only ones they find. There will be other jottings that people will have written or received. Here are 100 simple notes and letters, threats, orders and warnings, signs of wrongdoing, proof of conspiracies or the ravings of madmen that can be used to disguise what’s truly important and to make a setting come to life. Some are quite short and others are longer. These notes are tied to the Urth setting, and could be found in or about a particular location. This collection covers Caecras, Dis, Low Country, Old Edene, the Grand Duchy and the Kingdom of God.

Although none are intended to have any meaning beyond being a distraction that appears important, the GameMaster can, of course, decide whether any of these do have any meaning. These could be used as adventure hooks, or as ways of getting players to visit certain locations. Change the names and people, or add new ones where none is given, to appropriate ones from the campaign world where such might be applicable.

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Here are some sample results:

  • I want you to arrest her as a witch and kill her to cleanse the land. I don’t care that she isn’t a witch; it will stop people from asking the wrong questions.
  • I went to Haken’s Foot to observe one of the bi-yearly three-day festivals they hold at the Weeping Statue. Unlike some of the visitors, I had no interest in participating in the festival, if what can call such an outpouring of debauchery a festival. Which I don’t believe you can. Quite frankly, it was disturbing.
  • I’m going to be staying at the Golden City Inn. I’ve rented a suite there under the name Lattan Dorn; ask for that. Do not use my real name. D.
  • I’ve got something that The Golden Chronicle refused to publish, if you’re interested. It’s something the Vault doesn’t want out.
  • If you want to discuss the matter further, I will be happy to arrange a face to face meeting at the Academy.

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