Duplicity is a short adventure for the fantasy role-playing game Symbaroum, where the characters are sent out to persuade the hesitant Baroness of Oralak to join their patron’s faction before the impending civil war – with the adventure constructed to work regardless of which side the characters themselves support. Once in Oralak, the characters face challenges in the form of the Bbaroness’s missing daughter who must be found before she ‘ll agree to negotiate with them, and also a competent and unscrupulous opponent who has come to the town with the same purpose as they have but for an opposing faction. In addition, the Baroness has other enemies hiding in the shadows…

The adventure is suitable for one or two sessions. In the Symbaroum chronology, it takes place after part 4 of The Throne of Thorns campaign Symbar – Mother of Darkness, and just before the beginning of part 5 Alberetor – The haunted Waste. Through its design and theme, it is intended to set the mood civil war draws ever closer in Ambria, and it is further possible to use it as a bridge to the fifth part of the campaign.

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