Elven Tower just shared: “An Evil Cult Endangers the City and the Region! – Level 6 Adventure”

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How they were wrong… D’rezzit, the demon that forced the elves that built this place to abandon it, is the source of all those rumors and stories. The poor priest fell to the temptation of the soothing, sweet, words from the demon, who impersonated the man’s deity through a giant mask. Thus, the Obsidian Cult was born, and the city has never been more endangered.

This adventure happens in a shunned temple near a large city. It is the House of the Obsidian Masks. An evil demon inhabits the largest mask.

The characters confront the cult’s leader in the deepest chamber of the dungeon. There, a 25-foot-tall obsidian mask hangs from the south wall. The demon’s current hiding place.

For this adventure, we’ve also added an isometric illustration of the House of the Obsidian Masks to better understand the verticality of the dungeon:

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