Gothic Races: Porcelain Doll

Constructed of clay, these porcelain dolls were painted and then fired by Barovian witchs to use as minions to do their bidding or collect unusual spell components, servants to clean their magical tools, or spies to gather information for them to give to Strahd. Although some porcelain dolls have gotten away from their creators, many more are still forced to bow to their every whim.

Grim and Gothic Loners

Created to be used as servants to their hideous masters, porcelain dolls are rarely given the time to get to know others like them. Those that were ‘born’ with a sense of community tend not to find it among the lying manipulations of those they serve or serve alongside. Oftentimes these dolls will make friends with the less fortunate which help them in exchange for food or shelter. Occasionally, a couple of dolls will be assigned to a mission together; oftentimes this sense of trust, while often mislaid, begins a type of frenemy-like relationship that could evolve over time to become more positive, or negative as the case may be.

Gypsy Souls

Those that get out of their wicked masters’ grasps strive to get as far away from where they were forced to serve as possible. Most of the porcelain dolls that get away offer their services to the gypsies in exchange for free passage away from the witches that created them. 

Rarely does one of these dolls feel safe where they are, knowing from a young age that differences are rarely celebrated by others. They are slow to trust and often do not stay in one place for long  even if they would be accepted there. Instead most of them live the life of the gypsy constantly on the road and never really making anywhere truly home. For this reason porcelain dolls often have very few possessions and those they do have they treasure absolutely.

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