Pryvyd’s Guide to Ravnica

Coming September 2021

Surveil the intrigues of the Tenth District with Pryvyd’s Guide to Ravnica. An expansion guidebook to the setting of Ravnica, Pryvyd’s Guide has useful tools for players and Dungeon Masters alike.

Included in Pryvyd’s Guide to Ravnica:

–        Character Options:

  • The shapechanging Lupul playable race
  • 3 new subclasses: The Bardic College of Discord, The Firemind Warlock Patron, and the Monastic Tradition: Way of the Two Tides
  • 9 new Simic Hybrid mutations
  • 13 Ravnica inspired Racial Feats
  • Coffee Roaster’s Tools
  • Guildless Backgrounds: Socialite & Wayfinder
  • 100 Guild Trinkets list
  • 12 new magic items
  • 5 Guild Relic artifacts from the history of Ravnica

–        Dungeon Master’s Tools:

  • How to develop cooperation in multi-guild paries
  • Rules for travel within the Tenth District:
    • Dealing with the vertical plane of Ravnica
    • Modes of transportation
    • Making Ravnica feel larger
  • Understanding the power balance of Ravnica / Why the guilds are necessary

How to customize the Ravnica setting for your campaign

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