Zovya RPG Maps just shared: “PIRATE HIDEOUT / full kit has 12 maps total /”

This material was posted on patreon by Zovya RPG Maps

The map is attached to this post. The full resolution, alternate maps, and other features in the links below.

MAPPER’S PACK:  / High Resolution Map /
The Map at 100×100 pixels per grid square.
Will post shortly.

CARTOGRAPHER’S PACK:  / Alternate Map Versions /
The Map plus many different versions for different scenarios.
Will post soon.

ARCHITECT’S PACK:  / Props & Line-of-Sight VTT Maps /
Various decoration and furniture tokens appropriate to this map.
Will post soon.

RIFTER’S PACK:  / Non-Fantasy Alternates /
One or more non-fantasy alternate versions of the map. Examples are: modern, scifi, or post-apocalyptic.
Will post soon.


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