Azukail Games August 2021 Newsletter

This newsletter has an update on the products releasing in August 2021.

  • 100 Dressings for an Evil Altar
  • 100 Dressings for an Evil Altar (PFRPG)
  • 100 Encounters for a Fantasy Swamp (3Deep)
  • 100 Minor Items for a Room
  • 100 Spy Gadgets
  • A Baker’s Dozen of Artefacts from the Devil Jonah
  • A Baker’s Dozen of Locations in the Desolation
  • A Dekas of Alchemical Items III (PFRPG)
  • Book Cover 12
  • d66 Books for the Bleed
  • Filler Art – Map
  • New World Shadows: 100 American Ghouls For The Sabbat
  • Species of Sundara: Elves (5E)
  • Species of Sundara: Elves (Pathfinder)

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