Colony Collapse, an Original 5th Edition Adventure

The citizens of Shandybriar are in a titter. Their digging creatures – giant mole crickets – have turned on their handlers and fled into the dirt mounds, building a twisted hive in the raw earth.  Delving into these tunnels, Players will encounter the buried history of this land; uncovering the never-before revealed source of the monster’s madness.  Now, the clock ticks down – will the moldy-minded moles release their mutant mites on mankind?  Or will the twisted trouble-makers at the root of this commotion terraform their terrain into a pestilent purgatory?

Colony Collapse is a D&D one-shot designed to be played by 3-5 Players between Levels 3 and 5.  It takes place in a hidden corner of the Forgotten Realms, Shandybriar, settled by Lightfoot halfling, but can be made setting agnostic.  CONTENT WARNING: This module contains depictions of infection, disease, body horror, insects, mind-control and potential animal abuse.  The descriptions could also evoke claustrophobia, suffocation, or drowning imagery at the Dungeon Master’s discretion.

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