Frag Maps just shared: “The Construction Site”

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This map was a real challenge because of all the crazy details that went into it. I knew I should have pulled back on the details early on but seeing the potential this map had to offer, I just had to keep going. I’ve been told by quite a few gamemasters over the course of my map making journey that the details I put in inspire fresh ideas. Thus, this always sticks at back of my mind with every map I create.  

The Relic Variant

The initial idea with this map variant was this: demolition and reclamation of the land occupied by the slums (see “Cyber Slums” map) was in progress when the construction firm discovered a portal / doorway to a hidden underground facility. 

However, I also wanted the variant to offer more flexibility than just a doorway to another place. I was thinking maybe an alien artefact that was a huge threat to not only the players but to the city as well. 

In the end, I opted for a simpler 2-in-1 solution: an alien pyramid structure generic enough to serve as either an artefact or a doorway to another place. 

Those of you who’ve watched Jeremy Renner’s movie (“The Arrival”) will know where my mindset was during the concept stage. Here is a fun scenario idea: Have your players try and figure out how to gain access into the pyramid, while they get swarmed by enemies coming in from all angles. 


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Quick Shoutout

I’d like to quickly acknowledge one of our Discord moderators who goes by the name of “Shrike”. Shrike has been around since the inception of Frag Maps and has been not only supportive but instrumental of late with helping to manage and add structure to the Discord server. Thanks dude, you’re a gem!


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