Small Shuttle


A really small shuttle plans for your science-fiction story I give for free.
The plans are perfect for Alien RPG.

Only two decks, the kind of shuttle your crew can find in space, the transponder sending a SOS message. Inside, there could be smugglers with an interesting cargo.

It could also be used as an evacuation shuttle aboard a bigger spaceship, a space station, or even a colony, or be a police, pirate, or customs officers shuttle. 

As you wish, here you have the shuttle plans. You can use your game system to put inside the kind of systems and weapons it is equipped with.

There are two versions of the plans. The high-resolution .jpg and a compressed one for your favorite VTT.

This map was made with Dungeondraft, using the assets of JimSocks (you can find on Patreon). These assets were published under the CAL-BY 4.0 licence.

Enjoy 😉

Please leave a good rating if you enjoy it, and a comment if you would like to see some improvements for the next maps.

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