Utility Contract

The Sharn Council is letting the utilities contract for another five-year run. Everyone expects it to go to House Canith, who has held the contract since the days of Galifar.  This year is different; however, House Canith is weakened by the events that ended the last war and simply cannot demand the same level of respect it has in the past.      The Dragon Marked Houses are unhappy with the decision and have been working to influence the counsellors who will make the final decision.  A pairing of one of the great merchant houses of Sharn, Westinghouse, and a brilliant engineer, Nictas of Dargunn, threatens to undo the hard work of the Houses.  If the contract is let to a Dargunn Goblin, it will significantly boost independent trade activities and boost the prestige of Lord Westinghouse and Dargunn, whilst lowering the standing of the Dragon-Marked Houses. 

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