Edge of Gloom Campaign Book

Welcome to the “Edge of Gloom” campaign, designed for the Against the Darkmaster RPG. This is an epic, if dark and punishing, campaign that sees the PCs confronting a looming evil that could spell the end of the free peoples. If you want to go on a heroic journey, if you want to fight against overwhelming evil, then this is the campaign for you.

This campaign book will provide you with a brief history of the world that you can use to breathe life into your own campaign. This book contains descriptions of some of the places and spaces within the world of Cealdia. Specifically, this campaign takes place in a small part of the world called the “Arms of Hallorn.” If you want more structure you can find detailed descriptions and maps in our upcoming adventure books set in this “Edge of Gloom” campaign.

This book also contains a brief starting encounter that is ideally designed for initial party formation and is a way to provide motivation for the PCs to head to the fortress of Houndskeep. “In the Gloom of Houndskeep” is the first adventure of the campaign and it can be found NOW on the Drive Thru RPG website.

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