Imperium: Amor Non Permisit

None that live above the earth, be then mortal or god, can live without love. Or at least, not without sex. 


The Theoi, known for their love affairs, romances, and power dramas, would certainly be so much different with it were not for it. All these aspects of love, romance, flirting, marrying, and of course, partying, dating, and having sex, are all controlled by a myriad of different beings and entities, each with its own area of dominance, its own responsibilities, which they may or may not overlook.


A collection of these beings can be found on this material, but be aware, they are not for the weak-hearted.


This book includes

  • A summarized list of over the beings responsible for love and lust among the Theoi, for a total of 13 new deities.
  • Over 20 new Birthrights.

Hope you all enjoy and take care, and wish you all the blessings of Cupid and Voluptas.

This book was created to be used with the Scion 2ed Origin and Hero books, as well as with the Companion and the Titanomachy official supplements, and the Imperium and Imperium Titanus non-official supplements.

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