Matters of the Heartwood

Ages ago, the elven city of Roothome was reduced to rubble and ash by a rivalry as old as nature itself. The culprits, two feuding Archfey siblings, were bound to a pact by the Seelie Court, in hopes that their animosity may never again spread such destruction. For milennia,¬†Lady Serotinya and Prince Heartwood¬†have awaited in the heart of the city they ruined, within a temple so mortals may be reminded of their place in nature. For generations, offerings brought to both have maintained the balance and the pact that bound them to slumber. That is until a foolhardy and love-sick satyr sung a song so beautiful that it reignited the siblings’ rivalry and roused them to spiteful wakefulness.

Now, with the Summer Solstice rapidly approaching, the Perennial Pact is in jeopardy of breaking and without it there is no telling what destruction will be wrought by two ancient forces of nature colliding. Can the heroes restore the Perennial Pact, or will civilization once again face the ancient wrath of nature unfettered?

This original one-shot adventure is designed for 4-6 characters of APL 9.

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