Sermon of Sludge

A comet is barreling toward Earth. Does it bring salvation… or doom?

Sermon of Sludge is set in Los Angeles, California during the summer of 1973, though it can be modified to fit a major city in any era.

Wilter Gurvitch, fringe scientist turned counterculture celebrity, is holding a lecture to warn the public of the apocolyptic danger of a fast-approaching comet. 

And when a controversial figure like Gurvitch’s involved, something’s bound to go up in flames…

The scenario is intended for two to five players and may run up to two sessions.

Investigators have two goals: prevent a comet from raining destruction upon the city, and neutralize a doomsday prophet. Both goals overlap and the sandbox setup allows for a variety of approaches and cinematic conclusions. 

Sermon of Sludge is designed for use with the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game, and includes:

・Five pre-generated investigators on original character sheets inspired by retro comic book ads.
・Underground comix-style player handouts and NPC portraits.
Spotify playlist featuring far-out psychedelic and prog rock.

This product is priced at $1,000,000.00


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