Tales of Dead Men

Tales of Dead Men is a one-shot adventure for characters of all levels in 5e. Tales focuses on Exploration and Social encounters, two under-utilized pillars in 5th edition. While there is opportunity for combat, this is not the focus, and can, in fact, be avoided entirely.

For years the Lizardfolk of Merdelain have lived in peace with the peoples of the Sword Coast. For years, they have avoided contact, interacting only through intermediaries. For years, this has been enough.

War is starting. The reasons why are not entirely clear, even to those stirring the pot. That doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change much. The result is the same.

Some enemies can’t be killed. How do you stop a war fueled by pride? By the desire to be remembered fondly?  A crime has been committed. The only question that remains is: is it too late to prevent bloodshed?

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