The Haunting of Blackthorn Manor

“Things haven’t been the same in Blackthorn since Lady Anna came back from her quest. She’s changed. But with what she must have seen out there, and what happened to her poor husband… I can’t see how a person could go through that and not change.”

Lady Anna Blackthorn, decorated paladin and Baroness of Blackthorn, was summoned to defend the realm against a dread necromancer known as Carellius. She fought with courage and valour for many months, and at last the forces of light were triumphant and she returned home to a hero’s welcome. But in her absence, a terrible sickness had gripped her lands, and had claimed the life of her beloved husband Samuel. Grief-stricken, Anna has been a recluse ever since her return, and rumour has it that dark forces now encircle Blackthorn Manor. Did Anna bring more than glory back from her quest? Or has her grief opened a door for something more sinister?

The Haunting of Blackthorn Manor is an adventure module for Pathfinder Second Edition. It is recommended for a level 4-5 party.

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