The Ultimate Fantasy RPG Treasure Generator

A Tome of Countless Treasures: Treasure is a vital part of many genres. From fantasy to pulp and even crops up in settings like mysteries and even horror. Sometimes treasure needs to be something more than a gold-point total. This book was a passion project to try to breathe more life in an often overlooked and underappreciated part of tabletop roleplaying games. This book is a series of treasure generator rollcharts for various treasure items.

But how robust is it? It has 96,000 possibilities for gemstones, 100 random jewelry types (9,600,000 if you include gemstones), 2,000 possibilities for miscellanious items (or 192,000,000 if you include gemstones), etc. etc. Other generators include some for ornate clothing, paintings, and statuettes/sculptures. All of this is without including the possibilities for rolling the values of these items.

Some Examples

The following are some examples of items generated with the book.

Gemstone: A flawed, unworked clear diopside worth 10 gold.

Jewelry: A bronze openwork hairnet worth 600 gold.

Misc.: A gray granite bottle worth 30 gold.

Clothing: A white sindon linen mantle worth 280 gold.

Painting: An excellent 30′ x 15′ tapestry of a mysterious taiga landscape framed in chestnut worth 4,300 gp.

Sculpture: A masterful 7-foot tall statue in black and cream alabaster worth 11,000 gold.


While this book is ours, you are free to use any treasures you generate using this book for personal or commercial projects.

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