Mines Of Memory

A request for help to rescue a mining crew leads a group of adventurers into a cave that has seemingly come to life, gripped by a melancholy wave of sadness and memory. In dark caverns where mushrooms walk, vines dance, walls watch, and stones speak, will your band of adventurers become heroes? Or will they be lost within the Mines of Memory?

Mines of Memory is a short, 2-3 hour adventure for characters of levels 1-3. It is a delve into a cavern system that has become a Psychic Resonance environment, awakening the caves themselves. PCs will enter to rescue the miners, find the source of the mine’s awakening, and bring peace to a noble creature trapped in its own nightmare.


  • 2 PDFs of Mines of Memory: a stylized version with visuals, and a simplified text-only document for accessibility.

  • Maps: JPEGs of individual maps of the caverns and key encounters.

This product is priced at $1.99


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