A Table of Great Grassland Encounters 100 Ideas

Need random encounters to make your grassland or savannah adventures a bit more exciting and interesting? Surprise, annoy, and entertain your players with these 100 ideas! No more boring and repetitive grasslands with just some wild horses running around…

Look no further for ideas. This is it. It’s a system-free tool you can use in most genres or systems with little to no change.

100 interesting and flavorful grassland encounter ideas in an easy chart.

  • Just roll 1d100 to select an encounter to populate your adventure with! Stick them in whenever things get slow, or even build a whole mission around them. Great for some random flavor to your gaming!

Experience things everywhere from the mundane: pioneer caravans and corn fields, to the dangerous and interesting: a unicorn, locust swarms, or a thunderbird.

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