Heroic Havoc 2: Elements of Justice

A team of super-powered heroes have been tasked with protecting the motorcade of a visiting foreign dignitary, President (-for-Life) M’Benga. And guarding him is definitely required, as a group of supervillains (or maybe freedom fighters?) want to take the despot on a different kind of trip.

How will justice be served?

Heroic Havoc #2: Elements of Justice is a scenario for Mutants & Masterminds™ characters of Power Level 10 to 12. The module is 20 pages in length and includes write-ups of the antagonists (with drawings and background information), maps of both encounter areas, suggestions on how to roleplay each of the opponents, and contingencies for decisions made by the players that can affect the story

Below are the map pages from the module:

Maps from Elements of Justice

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