An Eye For An Eye

Your head is pounding, your pockets are empty, and your memories are hazy. All that lies before you is a cold and industrial warehouse that manages to feel foreign and familiar at the same time. The answers you seek lie within, and it is up to you to discover the truth, one door at a time. The key to escaping may very well be in your memories. Little do you know, you are about to enter the cat and mouse game of your very lives…

This adventure is set for 4 investigators (can be adjusted for 3-6), and should take between 3-5 hours of gameplay to complete. It is set in 1929, located in a warehouse transported into a dream-like world, controlled by The King in Yellow.

A 45 page PDF that includes:
-Front Cover
-16 page adventure
-The Map
-4 pre-generated characters with fully fleshed backstories, both the player copies and the keeper copies.

This adventure was written as part of the RPG Writer July 2021 Workshop by the Storytelling Collective.

CONTENT WARNING: This scenario involves child death, torture, gruesome imagery, and manipulation.

This product is priced at $4.99


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