Blight of the Weir Tree

Over one hundred years ago, a band of Sembian refugees sought shelter from the Ordulin Shadowstorm on the fringes of the Cormanthor Forest in Battledale. They found sympathy in a kind dryad who allowed them respite in her woods if they agreed to respect the forest and its denziens.

Now finding themselves threatened by their once kind benefactor, the descendants of these refugees hire a ground of adventurers to parley with the dryad and restore peace. But as these would-be heroes investigate, they find a fey threat more sinister and dangerous than they bargained for…

Blight of the Weir Tree is designed for three to six characters of 2nd level and includes full color art, original cartography, one original (semi-snuggly) creature, and one original (considerably less snuggly) magical item.

This product is priced at $1.95


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