The Joke’s on You!

What could possibly go wrong?

It all starts like your typical assignment: break into the mansion, retrieve the treasure, get out, and get paid. Easy peasy, right? After all, the owner of the mansion has been missing for weeks, so no one is watching the place. What’s the worst it could happen?

Yet, when the adventurers enter the manor, they become assailed by nefarious traps, and attacked by the mysterious guard that protects its corridors. Can the party prevail amid that unexpected turn of events? Or did they just bite more than they can chew?


-A 4 to 8-hour adventure for four to six 1st-2nd level players.

-Easy to run encounters built around the revolutionary T.T.T (“Tactics, Traps, and Treasure”) formula, together with suggestions on how to scale them based on the party’s level.

-A new CR 1/2 monster: the Swarm of Dinnerware!

-Print-friendly version.

-Full-color DM and player maps, including VTT versions (grid and gridless).

The gateway to gold and glory awaits. Will the players dare crossing its threshold and start forging their legend?

This product is priced at $2.99


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