Crossroad Chronicler Omnibus: Volumes 1-4

The Crossroad Chronicler is a periodic publication focusing on Solo, Gm’less, and Gm-lite Role-Playing Games and resources to play them.  Our goal is to bring together some of these people and the materials they produce and collect it all in one place for others interested in the concept.  We are the chronicler at the crossroads of others’ journeys, here to share for everyone’s benefit.

This product includes the first 4 volumes of the Zine, 169 pages of articles, games, play tools, oracles, superb art, and other solo play materials by a wonderful group of contributors that have allowed the Zine to flourish.  

Included Articles and Entries:

  • Supply Overhaul for Ironsworn
  • Tailored Solo Systems
  • Soldier Of Fortune: A Solo Adventure 
  • Sci Fi Mega Dungeons 
  • Endless Archipelago 
  • Progress Clocks in Solo Play 
  • Character Motivation and Reaction Tables 
  • Solo Investigations Framework 
  • Timeplay in Ironsworn 
  • Secret Clocks in Solo Play
  • Black Spear Alternative Solo Rules 
  • Ocean Creatures and Oracles for Ironsworn 
  • Motivations 
  • New Sites for Ironsworn Delve 
  • Beyond the Grave 
  • Flax and Onions, Part 1 
  • Expressive Tables 
  • 1-Min-Dread-Urbex 
  • 5 min with a Cult

Please be mindful of the Bundle below, which discounts this Print on Demand omnibus proportionately to previously purchased digital volumes, down to the cost of printing the book.

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Volume 4

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