Glenbrook – A Mystery Landscape

Rhode Island. The smallest state, the Ocean State.
The home of Mercy Brown, America’s first Vampire. The site of many dark and lurid tales from the mind of HP Lovecraft.
The home of the infamously haunted Perron Family. And now the site of one of the largest government research facilities in the world: The Loop.

Welcome to Glenbrook. An unassuming little town nestled in the heart of the Nipsachuk Valley, and now home to The Loop.
MKUltra, Project Stargate, the Department of Advanced Research into Teleportation, Glenbrook has it all!

A living world

The world of Glenbrook lives on in more than just the pages of this PDF or the wrinkles of my grey matter.
Glenbrook is loosely based on the town I grew up in, its surrounding area, neighboring towns, and was heavily inspired by the works of Stephen King and Stranger Things.
What started out as a fun little project has truly taken on a life of its own, with Glenbrook being used to create and run one-shot mysteries for Patrons on my Twitch channel.
As such, Glenbrook has started to take on a life of its own, with new locations popping up every time the players interact with it.
For that reason, I will endeavor to keep this PDF updated with the new locations and who created them.

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