Horror at the Westmore Motel

Horror at the Westmore Motel. It’s the year 1983, and a disturbing coincidence
sends the protagonists of this story to investigate the Westmore Motel. What they will find there… is something out of this world!

This 28 pages product includes:

  • A short scenario for 3 pregenerated  investigators that should last about 4-5 hours of play
  • An appendix with suggestions and ideas for using your own investigators and inserting The Westmore Motel in your campaign
  • Plenty of notes and guidance for the Keeper about the scenario, possible actions from the players and outcomes.
  •  Character sheets, backgrounds,  Investigator Introductions and handouts with detailed artwork

About the Author: Leopoldo has been running Call of Cthulhu games for his friends for more than 20 years. He has read and made up countless stories and scenarios, although this is the first time he publishes anything. Also very new to 3D art rendering, hopes to continue using it to enhance scenarios. A gamer at heart, be it Tabletop games, RPGs or Videogames. Currently he lives in Santiago, Chile with his wife and two cats. Fun fact: He wanted to name the black cat “Ulthar” but the wifey didn’t like it.

This product is priced at $2.99


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