Murder in the Mists

This murder mystery is a short adventure taking place in the Domain of Dread ‘The Carnival‘. It was written for APL 4.

After a pleasant evening at The Carnival, the characters find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation. It seems, that the Rabbitfolk Ruben Tenderly from the Litwick Market killed the beautiful tightrope walker Sarina Sirensong and as the suspect does not even try to defend himself, he is executed on the spot by Isolde, the Carnival’s leader. Was the executed fey creature acting on his own, was he part of a greater conspiracy or did Isolde railroad an innocent, driven by her grudge against the Litwick Market people? As the party unravels the mysteries, more bodies turn up. Is the murderer still on the loose or has the malicious deed summoned an even darker creature?

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