Ravenloft: Clan of the Black Wolf

Ravenloft: Clan of the Black Wolf
By Christopher Moneymaker
Where are they taking us; and why haven’t they killed us?
Ravenloft: Clan of the Black Wolf is a high paced, cat and mouse adventure that picks up where Ravenloft: Prey of the Black Wolf left off. The player characters start out searching for safety when they are ambushed by a pack of Loup-Garou. From there, they must survive the night and discover what the pack wants from them! Will they escape? Can they make it to safety? What terrible fate do the werebeasts have in store for them?
Ravenloft: Clan of the Black Wolf features:
• The 34-page adventure, Ravenloft: Clan of the Black Wolf.
• 4 new monsters for both 2nd and 5th edition.
• 13 new NPCs for your players to meet.
• 6 new maps, including wilderness encounter maps, a map of the village of Vickborg, and a
detailed battle map of the Vickborg Holdfast.
• Updated rules for fear, horror, and madness. As well as a new Liquid Courage rule.
• Original high quality, full color art throughout.

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