The Lazy GM: Savage Creatures for 5th Edition

The Lazy GM brings our classic range of ready-made monsters to 5th Edition.

Within are hundreds of stat-blocks for thirty nine classic monsters, from Giant Ape to Yeti, with a range of builds to suit all challenge levels. Using the freedom and flexibility of the 5th Edition, building on our earlier work, we bring updated versions of old favourites like the Cloaker Soundmaster or the Medusa Lotus Blossom, and bring all new exciting foes like the Galeb Duhr Menhir Guardian, Spawn of Fenrir and the Wendigo.

Inside you’ll find extraplanar variants, environmental variants, fey versions, undead versions, half-dragons and a whole host of unique twists on classic D&D monsters, all ready to drop straight into your game.

From the CR 1/4 Pteranodon Zombie to the CR 28 Gargantuan Fire-Infused Iron Golem, fully clickable index cross-referenced by CR, templates and monster roles to easily find what you need.

This product is priced at $9.99


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