The Lost Temple of New Thundertree

In ruins since the eruption of Mt. Hotenow, Thundertree is finally being rebuilt. The Lords’ Alliance is particularly interested in restarting a lucrative logging trade, but the bureaucratic wood-elf ambassador of Neverwinter Wood isn’t convinced. A mission to check on construction at New Thundertree and help with diplomacy quickly turns into an exciting dungeon delve as the entrance to an ancient temple is discovered! Can your party survive long enough to learn the mystical secrets of Thundertree’s past and claim its riches? Includes new magic item!

The Lost Temple of New Thundertree is designed for 5th-7th level characters. This thrilling adventure is well-suited for parties who have completed Lost Mine of Phandelver or are roaming the Sword Coast as part of Dragon of Icespire Peak or Storm King’s Thunder, but these campaigns are certainly not required. Though it takes place in Thundertree, the adventure can easily be moved to other settings.

This product is priced at $1.95


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