Crimson Snow

After a glowing meteor fell into a frozen tundra, a scout team was quickly assembled to learn from the cosmic stone. Weeks later, the adventurers are hired to aid the scouts because they have gone silent. The members of the outpost are very ill and their leader has gone missing under the ice while investigating the meteor. Along with the ill scouts, an interesting family of three, with long, white hair and pale skin, arrived to assist them. One of the members of this family is plagued by visions, after coming into contact with the meteor, screaming throughout the night and day.

With the leader of the outpost missing, the constant outcries of torment, and the looming threat of the meteor, the outpost is in need of aid. The adventurers will quickly discover that the outpost is beset with something more sinister than they anticipated. 

Written throughout the July 2021 Storytelling Collective Write Your First Adventure workshop. To be played as a one-shot, added to any campaign, or as another questline set in Icewind Dale. This adventure is best played with a group of 3-5 characters of level 10-13.


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