5 Fey Monsters for Urban Encounters

This small supplement consists of 5 monsters that are Fey in their nature. I designed them based on folklore and mythology of different places in the world.


  1. Gremlin (CR ½) was first mentioned in writing in 1929, and popularized by aviation forces during the II World War. The story behind Gremlins suggests that they were invented as a ‘imaginary enemy’ in the workshops of people involved in creating flying machines, and later made their way into popular culture.
  2. Duende (CR 1) are humanoids commonly mentioned in Iberian, Latin American and Filipino cultures. There are at least several types of Duende, and the one depicted in this supplement is closest to Trasgos or Trastolillos. In most stories you will find that they are not small, but tiny, though this would in no way fit the idea for a monster that would be worth mentioning. Folklore-wise they are very similar to Slavic domovoy, Scottish brownies or Japanese zashiki-warashi, but have a tendency to turn mischievous if someone wronged them. This supplement assumes that the Duende are chaotic evil and act on impulse.
  3. Bouda (CR 3) are evil warlock-like blacksmiths mentioned in folk tales from North Africa, Arabian Peninsula and the Levant. Naming someone a Bouda was traditionally used as a way to dehumanize or stigmatize a person that belongs to a different culture. Boudas possess the ability to change into a Hyena or a hybrid form, and their craftsman skills are strictly connected with their unnatural origin. You will find no such reference in this supplement. I have chosen to use only the folkloric inspiration of the creature, leaving out the social aspects.
  4. Muelona (CR 8) is mostly known in Colombia and in other Andean regions. I mixed her legend with a very similar urban legend from Japan, the one of Kuchisake-onna. The creature is an amalgam of both the legends, but the lore is rather similar. A spirit of a woman that has been wronged by men (this is more straightforward in the Japanese version) brings her back to life so that she can seek revenge on the mortals, at the same time looking for acceptation and love under the guise of a beautiful young woman. Her ‘trademark’ are her teeth and disfigured jaws. I decided that the mixture will be a hag with legendary actions.
  5. Wild Hunt Lord (CR 18) –  the Wild Hunt is a very popular trope in many European countries, though mainly in Scandinavian, German and Slavic regions. It has been popularized by The Witcher III game and keeps being used as a common antagonist-theme. The Hunt itself is a mixture of different hunters with leaders and souls that are turned into Wild Hunt Hounds and Huntsmen alike. The monster described in this supplement is just one of the Lords of the Wild Hunt.


Each creature has additional notes underneath the statblock.

The ‘Reflects’ note suggest what part of the Material Plane does this specific monster mirror (I am assuming that the Feywild is a mirror realm of the Material Plane).

The ‘Plot Hooks’ are suggested ways in which your players might encounter the monster. All of the plot hooks have been written in a way usable in urban or rural environments.

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