The Toymaker’s Legacy

In the small town of Dark Hollow, once known for its extravagant festivals and welcoming locals, a somber veil has fallen. No one dares to travel out of their homes once the sun has set and the mists have rolled in, and distrust runs rampant between neighbors and strangers alike.


For not all the residents of Dark Hollow are what they appear to be. To get at the heart of this issue involves untangling a tragic history of an old toymaker, his only grandson, and his greatest invention. Can a party of wandering adventuers free Dark Hollow of its secret curse? Or will they simply add themselves to the list of causlties? 

The Toymaker’s Legacy is a 3-5 hour adventure for D&D 5e fit for a party of 3-5 players in the  5-7 level range. 


  • A brand new CR 12 creature and its lair
  • An abandoned manor with a fully keyed map and random encounters, ready for the party to explore
  • 1 battle map for a climactic final encounter

This product is priced at $5.00


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