Bounty Hunter TTRPG

Bounty Hunter TTRPG is a diceless roleplaying game from the creator of the YouTube channel How to be a Great GM. 

This omnibus contains all three booklets needed to start playing the Bounty Hunter TTRPG today! The Core Rules will give you the rules that unlock the dark and deadly game of the Hunter.

Learn how to conduct epic space combat and create awesome bounties for your table to track down. The Huntari Region is a setting book packed with planets, extra starships, hundreds of
names for NPCs, hotels, taverns, and unique venues to set your bounties in. A section is dedicated to expanding upon the alien species that the players have access to. Bounty: Halcord Midmo, Mad Genius is an introductory adventure for four to five players and takes them from the training halls of the Bounty Hunter guild out into deep space to stop a madman intent on
destroying all life in the galaxy!

Watch the review video, or check out the live play-through on the YouTube channel!

This product is priced at $19.99


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