Chadwick and the Southern Scourge (Fantasy Grounds)

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Greetings Adventurers!

Chadwick and the Southern Scourge is a tale of heartache and stolen vampire fangs under a pale moon cast over the Village of Storaad.

Lightning cracks behind the silhouette of a castle high up on the Cloud Peaks. An ancient vampire, Lord Orion, has summoned you to retrieve a most precious item—his fangs! In exchange, he will reward you with something from your wildest dreams.

Are you brave enough to rub shoulders with the monster-hunting clans of Storaad? Are you strong enough to pass through the Cove of the Damned and survive the mind-bending pink miasma of the Southern Scourge? Is your heart stalwart enough to endure the moral dilemma placed upon you by Chadwick, the greatest monster hunter in all of Storaad? Do you want a light-hearted romp or a tale of horror?! Let’s find out!

Written for Dungeon Masters, as you run this module you will find unique tables, wondrous items, and a mix of horror and humor depending on your mood. This tale can easily be dropped into your homebrew world or another published adventure. Improvising at-will is encouraged, so change whatever you’d like to fit your table and style.




Note: This product is for use in the Fantasy Grounds Unity virtual tabletop. If you would like to purchase the PDF version, click here.

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