Class Archetypes from the Planes of Air & Ash

Many know the names of the main planes of existence that encircle their own: the feywilds, Shadowfell, and, of course, the Elemental Planes of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. Knowing such planes exist and exploring the most obvious and broad areas of the elemental planes is often enough for most people. And while the Planes of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water are well explored, none care much to focus on the planes that exist between them: The planes of Ash, Ooze, Magma, and Ice. For indeed, what value lies in the hybrid planes that divide the main elements from each other? 

But for those who delve deeper into these often forgotten realms are privey to rewards not many would expect. They discover entire worlds with details and folds more intricate than those of the main elemental planes, fascinating ecosystems of elemental plant and animals that could not exist elsewhere, and powers, knowledge, and magic far beyond the capabilities of even the most dedicated extraplanar scholars and adventurers. 

So come, one and all, you would seek such knowledge to begin on a journey through the borders of the elemental planes. Your first step begins on the plane of Ash, a world of neverending storms, forever erupting volcanoes, and dangers born from the eternal clash between the elements of air and fire. Explore the hidden topography of the border plane known as the Great Conflageration, discover the somber existence of the elemental Ashborn, and unlock the secrets and archetypes buried under the ash and storms to emerge as adventurers the likes of which none on the material plane or the elemental planes have ever seen before. 

This packet contains the following class archetypes for anyone who wants to add class archetypes perfect for any extraplanar themed campaign or character and one original new race from the Plane of Ash:

-The Path of Howling Hatred (NEW Barbarian Archetype): Let in the hatred of the evil Prince of Air, Yan-C-Bin, to combine the speed of the fastest winds with the strength and rage of a barbarian, allowing you to become a human bullet that can deal more damage the more distance you travel. 

-The College of the Trapeze (NEW Bard Archetype):  Swing through the air with the greatest of ease and perform impossible displays of skill and daring as you wow the crowd and frusterate your enemies with a college that lets you combine both your creative spirit with dazzling physical displays to engage in the highest level of skill based combat.  

-The Domain of Ash (NEW Cleric Archetype):  Take on the role of the mysterious clerics of the plane of ash to help others grapple with demons both within and without, ease the mental, physical, and emotional burdens of others, and give those who suffer lasting peace.

– The Circle of the Ancient Storm (NEW Druid Archetype):  Join the circle of the Ancient Storm to learn the secrets of the enigmatic Elder Tempest, the most powerful air elemental in existence; shape thunder and lighting to bow before you to your every whim; and show your enemies the true futility of standing against the powers of the most ancient storm.

-The Arbalist Martial Archetype (NEW Fighter Archetype):   Adapt to the shifting tides of battle by unlocking the potential unique new abilities through the use of many different crossbows, punish enemies for daring to move within your range with a volley of crossbow bolts, and become the quickest draw in the land with the martial archetype of the Arbalist! An archetype for those who want to play a Gunslinger esque character while still playing in a medieval setting. 

-The Way of the Unburdened (NEW Monk Archetype)Let go of your earthly burdens to learn how to deflect the power of your enemies against themselves, unlock abilities to teach others to walk the path of peace, and negate every attempt for aggression and hatred to triumph over peace and goodwill. 

-The Oath of the Stormsworn(NEW Paladin Archetype):  Swear an oath to the free-spirited wind dukes to gain the speed of a whirlwind, send your opponents flying with the strength of a hurricane, and embody the powers of a living storm with the Oath of the Stormsworn 

– The Skycharter Conclave (NERanger Archetype):  Chart the wonders of the sky to unlock to choose one of 12 unique playstyles inspired by the twelve zodiac to unleash the wrath of the heavens upon your enemies. 

-The Ambidextrous Rogue (NEW Rogue Archetype):  Join the Ashborn in their study of the duality in both body and soul to become a skilled master in the art of two-weapon fighting, make your twin strikes flow as one to expose your enemies weak points, and slash your enemies to ribbon in displays both deadly and beautiful to behold. 

-The Legion Sorcerer (NEW Sorcerer Archetype): Draw upon the power of the thousands as you harness the thousands of the infintely tiny creatures that make up your body to transmorgify into a swarm and unleash the effort of entire nations into every spell or hide in plain sight by becoming too small to notice.

-The Forgotten Lords (NEW Warlock Patron):  Swear your allegiance to Lords whose empires have long been forgotten to history so that you may command their legions, deny the bonds of fate, and ensure that their empire rises once again. 

The Pact of the Greaves(NEW Warlock Pact Boon):  Gain unnatural speed and walk pathways no other warlock may tread with the power of the Pact of the Greaves.

-The School of Meteorology (NEW Wizard School): Study the everlasting storm that rages over the Plane of Ash to incoproate the powers of natural magic to shape the sky and the land to your will. 

The Ashborn Race (NEW Original Extraplanar Race): Discover the somber existence of the only denizons of the plane of Ash, The Ashborn. Elementals born from the souls of humanoids and the ash from the Great Conflageration who both struggle with making new lives in the desolate plane of ash and with the knowledge and traumas they bring with them from their first lives. Unlock powers of ash, fire, or air with one of three different subtypes and explore characters whose trauma becomes a physical part of the bodies they now possess. 

These Class Archetypes and Race have been playtested for balance in 5th edition campaigns using The Monster Manual, The Player’s Handbook, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, and The Dungeon Master’s Guide.

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