Hapkido – Fighter Martial Archetype (5e Compatible)

In this digital book, you will find a fighter martial archetype based on the Hapkido martial art for the Koryo Hall of Adventures campaign setting book. The origins of hapkido are credited to the scholar and warrior Kwon Jungjo—a general in the army of the Dragon King of Yuinguk during the Second Age—who was meditating near the shrine of the primordial snake when he was attacked by a group of bandits. Hapkido trains a soldier to be able to fight in both armed and unarmed scenarios, and to disable armed opponents. Your hands become weapons unto themselves not unlike a Monk’s, though they are less for striking and more for neutralizing opponents. Make sure to check-out the Koryo Hall of Adventure – Adventurer’s Guide to Jeosung for more info about this campaign setting.

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