Outlands Omnibus

A compilation of fantasy free-style role-play where events drive the action including the player character combat.

Chronicles of the Outlands is set in a river crossed land, the vestiges of an empire. The players are heroic characters without class distinction, Varangians, early Vikings, exploring and adventuring in a broad continental land bordered by seas. Magic works. All the characters will slowly improve a magical sword and train a magical mount. Magic is an integral part to play. Yet there are no spell lists, and each player character grows in magical power through the actions of the game.

Omnibus includes previously published booklets:

Chronicles of the Outlands – Fundamentals of Play

Generating Quests for Outlands

Generating Travel Events for Outlands

Generating Climactic Endings for Outlands

Rather Useful Tables for Outlands

Backgrounds for Outlands

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